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Pitchworthy was born of the idea that everyone, everywhere, deserves access to world class education, training, and support to help them turn their dreams and ambitions into reality. The inequality that exists between developing and developed countries, and even more acutely between Silicon Valley and most of the rest of the world, is one the most pressing challenges of our time, right up there with climate change and conflict, and related to many of the challenges outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In fact, we see the persistence of many of those challenges, plus many of the deep conflicts and crises we see in the world, as interlinked with that global inequality.

We’ve been working to support entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation for over a decade, primarily in challenging places, conflict/post-conflict zones, and developing/transitioning countries and communities.

Pitchworthy is our effort to contribute to reducing that inequality, and addressing many of those global challenges, by improving access to world class training, support, and opportunities.

Our distributed team is based in the US, Europe, the MENA region, and Asia.

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Our team has worked at, studied at, and partnered with many global innovation leaders, such as: