Pitchworthy powers programs that help banks and financial institutions, and their clients, innovate and grow.

Pitchworthy has substantial experience working with private banks and central banks to drive innovation and entrepreneurship.

Below are a few ideas for ways Pitchworthy can support your efforts, and we’re open to your ideas as well. Please fill out the form below, or contact us at banking [at] pitchworthy.co to discuss further.

1) Competitions that reach your whole market

A national startup competition led by and branded by you (either an existing competition, or a new one), which selects and supports startups across your whole market (engaging people everywhere, through both online and offline activities), supports a much larger group of teams (dozens? hundreds? thousands?), is quantifiably higher quality, while substantially cheaper at a per-team basis.

This could be done also as a marketing campaign, mobilize support for CSR/SDG efforts, an effort to reach new customers (individuals and/or business customers, young people, students, etc), or connected to an "investment" program of the bank. 

2) Attract and engage customers

We can leverage your existing data, collect additional data, and explore ways to reduce Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) while enhancing Lifetime Value (LTC) for the bank, segmented by strategic customer segment, including business/SME and consumer clients. 

3) Your bank does better, when your customers do better

Pitchworthy can support a high-quality SME/enterprise development program for existing small business customers of your bank. This can improve business growth for your business clients, while building customer loyalty, retention, and revenues for your bank.

4) Improve your internal capacities

An "intrapreneurship" program for your employees can help them (and the bank) develop new services, business lines, improve customer service, improve marketing, etc, and at the same time this can be a powerful capacity building tool for your employees to improve their soft skills in a very specific, targeted way that could improve their productivity, work-place satisfaction, employee retention efforts, etc. 

5) Improve financial inclusion efforts

Let’s work to expand "financial inclusion" efforts to engage training, support, and business opportunities to all our communities. With Pitchworthy, we can expand training and support opportunities for new or potential clients (business, personal, etc), we can help them improve their financial management and accounting, and potentially help more people benefit from various service offerings of your bank. 

Pitchworthy can help.

Pitchworthy helps teams and programs be more effective, at scale.

Pitchworthy for Teams

Pitchworthy helps teams move faster and smarter, and build habits of success.

Pitchworthy built on research in psychology, habits, behavior, and organizational growth, along with productivity best practices from leading global tech companies.

Are you a startup, growing enterprise, or organization trying to be as efficient and impactful as possible? Check out how Pitchworthy for Teams can help you.

Pitchworthy for Programs

Pitchworthy helps programs and organizations manage and support teams.

Pitchworthy helps programs provide support to larger cohorts of teams, oversee mentorship interactions, and suggest activities based on psychometric analysis and a database of 800 personal and enterprise growth activities.

We can help you reach more teams, with a higher quality program, at a substantially lower per-team cost. Learn more about Pitchworthy for Programs.

We can help you succeed.

There are a variety of ways Pitchworthy can support your efforts. Check out more info on the Pitchworthy for Programs page and see the 6 different ways Pitchworthy can support your efforts, or submit the form below and we will follow up with you.

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Thank you Pitchworthy team, My project went a long way. At the beginning, it was an abstract idea. Now it’s very grounded in the user’s needs and problems, and it is very tangible now.
— Startup Scouts entrepreneur
This program has been a big help for me. Something I never told anyone about is my fear of public speaking [...] I gave feedback and helped a lot of people, and a lot helped me too, and this is amazing, the community is very friendly and helpful. I never thought I could improve that much from an online program.
— Early-stage startup
I didn’t just progress 1% everyday, I probably progressed like 50% everyday. I got better myself as a person in different aspects. My business model also changed a lot to the better.
— First-time founder