Pitchworthy @ WISE-Paris

WISE-Paris was a series of events, workshops, and discussions focused on improving education for sustainable, positive development around the world, February 20-21, 2019.

The event was an initiative of WISE - the World Innovation Summit on Education, in collaboration with CRI (The Center for Interdisciplinary Research), Station F, UNESCO, Qatar Foundation, Ashoka, Pixis, and various others.

At the invitation of the organizers, we shared an update on the Pitchworthy platform, part of our current live-beta launching, including updates on efforts of our social enterprise and our affiliated non-profit, our motivation for putting so much effort into the Pitchworthy effort (and improving economic opportunities across the MENA region, and worldwide), and to explore ways to collaborate to improve education, economic, and sustainable development outcomes.

The Pitchworthy presentation is included below, and a rough video of the presentation below that. If you’re interested to discuss further or explore possible collaborations, please fill out the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

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