We help conferences build momentum in the weeks and months before an event. Whether through a startup competition, SME support program, mentorship, discussions, online workshops, virtual startup sprint, ideation, or team formation activities, we can help people connect and learn, well before the actual main event even begins.

One of the beautiful results of this kind of pre-event engagement is that when people finally meet in person, they already know each other, and this can help the event be even more impactful.


The Pitchworthy team has decades of facilitation experience, and can lead exciting activities, discussions, competitions, pitch events, networking sessions, and more …

And all that can be 100% offline, 100% online, or a hybrid mix of the two.

Regardless of what your event is focused on, we can help you refine and clarify the objectives, maximize impact, and have a great time doing it.



Don’t lose momentum with your community, and with your startups. In fact, most productive work happens outside of these events, so we can work together to make sure productivity and impact only continues to grow once your event is over.

And Pitchworthy’s tools help:

Participant and Activity Dashboard

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 10.17.49 AM.png

Pitchworthy gives you a big picture of all your participants progress on one dashboard.

  • Simplify and improve program management

  • See progress of the program cohort as a whole, and the progress of individual teams

  • Communicate directly with your entire program

  • Monitor multiple programs in your organization


Personalized Content


Offer personalized assignments and support interventions for a particular team, or all teams in your program.

  • Add activities directly into your participant's todo lists

  • Share announcements with your teams

  • Fit your program into their workflow


Mentor Management


Create laser focused mentor sessions for your participants with the Pitchworthy Mentor Management Tool.

  • Helps teams and mentors schedule meetings efficiently

  • Get feedback outside of meetings

  • Keep track of mentor feedback

  • Allows program managers to monitor mentor impact


Your Program, Your Way, with options for World-Class Support

The Pitchworthy platform is incredibly flexible to adapt to your conference or program, desired outcomes, curriculum, or methodology. The Pitchworthy team is also here to help. We can provide:

  1. Platform Only: Use the Pitchworthy platform (with world class technical support)

  2. Training of Trainers: We can provide support to your team of trainers to adapt to the Pitchworthy framework, and explore ways to enhance training delivery and meeting (and surpassing) your dreams, desires, and program objectives.

  3. Co-Training: We can work alongside your trainers to deliver a world-class program.

  4. Pitchworthy-Led Training Program: Adapted to your program objectives and constraints.

The program was so well organized. Having participated in other accelerators, you guys raised the bar with your energy and with your knowledge. All assignments were so clear, organized and really demanded an effort from our part to zoom in on details, but also to zoom out and think bigger picture/long term. ... Thank you so much for the great opportunity; you really are making a movement/change.
— Scale-up participant