Together we can share stories, change narratives, and inspire others.

share written feedback? Amazing.

share a video testimonial? Even better.

Do both? You’re a rockstar.


Video Testimonials

💛 1. Be yourself, be authentic, share from your heart as much as your head.

💬 2. Be concise: Try to think ahead of the key points you want to share, and try to keep each response to 30 seconds or less. You can write notes in the form even if you’re recording a video … and then you can easily submit both. (Use the questions as a guide, and adjust if you want!)

🎥 3. Be in a relatively quiet room or location, with a relevant or simple background.

🤳🏽 4. Record in vertical mode on your phone.

🥳 5. Have fun.

🤘🏾 6. After you record: Please upload the video to the form below, or put in G-drive or Dropbox and share the link (let us know if you have any challenge with that).

Video Testimonial Questions

  1. Briefly introduce your startup

  2. What’s your next biggest milestone?

  3. What challenges are you facing in reaching that milestone?

  4. What’s the main thing (or things) you learned through the Pitchworthy program, or appreciated the most?

  5. What advice would you give to another startup?

  6. What advice would you give to Pitchworthy? Or to mentors?

  7. Anything else to share?

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