When there are so many things to do, what should a business focus on to build the core structure for success?

The 5 pillars for all successful businesses are captured in our essential 5-slide pitchdeck template.

The essential 5 slides are:  

  1. The problem or market gap you’re addressing, and the story, the why, that makes it so compelling for you, and for your audience.

  2. Your proposed solution and unique value proposition.

  3. Your target customer & market sizing.

  4. A basic revenue model, or more advanced financial model

  5. The team (with roles, milestones, and goals) 

5 Core Business Pillars

Why Pitchworthy uses the framework of the pitch deck to guide startup and enterprise development:

  • It’s versatile and efficient. Entrepreneurs need to pitch to investors, customers, in competitions, to recruit partners and employees, and strategic partners. 

  • Pitching, communications, and presentation skills are “super powers”. Everybody needs them, but few people have opportunity to practice and improve them. 

  • We use longer 10-12 slide templates to help guide more developed companies, and social impact ventures. These templates can be adapted for different programs, sectors, and objectives.