Under the auspices of the OECD, youth business organizations from Europe and MENA gathered at OECD headquarters in Paris in January 2019 to explore ways to enhance entrepreneurship and ecosystem development in the Euro-MENA region.

More information about the effort can be found here:
Overview of the MENA-OECD Business Advisory Board (BAB) effort
• Information about the January 2019 meeting: Agenda (PDF), and Conclusions (PDF)

From the side of Pitchworthy, David Munir Nabti presented on the following key points:

  1. An overview of the critical (and potentially existential) challenges facing many countries (mostly developing countries, but also developed countries) with automation, other macro-economic shifts largely driven by technology and tech companies, and climate change;

  2. An overview of high-growth entrepreneurship, and challenges for entrepreneurs in emerging innovation hubs when competing with innovation powerhouses

  3. An overview of ecosystem development, and challenges for emerging ecosystems when competing with innovation powerhouses

  4. Ideas for emerging ecosystems to accelerate their growth, and move more rapidly to develop more robust entrepreneurship ecosystems and economies, plus methods for engaging public sector entities (governments, municipalities, universities, and international/multinational agencies such as the UN and related organizations).


There is no video of the presentations given on the two days. What follows is a combined presentation of the materials shared over the two days, along with various reference/resources slides, which could be helpful for various ecosystem building initiatives.

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