At, a registered non-profit organization in the US and Lebanon, we work to leverage the Pitchworthy platform to maximize impact for critical populations, including women, youth, and people in conflict/post-conflict/marginalized communities.

Engaging the Public Sector

We work with governments, international organizations, non-profits, and education providers to improve entrepreneurship skills and supports for the people who need it most.

We also work to improve innovation and “entrepreneurial skills” within those organizations and public sector agencies, so those groups can better manage and support the transitions and changes that are facing people in many communities, economies, and countries around the world.

Ensuring Engagement of Women

We have long worked to improve engagement of women in our programs, and always saw the level of female participation as a reflection of our outreach and programs, not the capability of women in our community, since we know highly qualified women are all around us. We estimate that over the last 10 years, we have approximately 30-35% participation of women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs across all our programs.

With our recent programs on the newly launched Pitchworthy platform, we have over 50% participation of women entrepreneurs, and we aim to keep that level of participation as we grow. In fact, many women participants said they could only participate because of some of the unique attributes of the Pitchworthy platform and new program approach. The platform and methodology allow for more flexibility, and the ability to participate from anywhere with our high-quality online and hybrid online/offline programs.

Indeed, various studies show that some of the biggest barriers to women’s economic participation in many countries, including in entrepreneurship and technology, relate to mobility (often cultural limitations) and transportation and public transportation (often inadequate broadly speaking, but even more inadequate for women), and related issues of security and safety. Pitchworthy reduces, and sometimes eliminates, those challenges, by giving people great access to high quality training, mentorship, and support in local communities (without having to travel sometimes long distances to an innovation or entrepreneurship hub), and sometimes from peoples’ homes, wherever they live.

Embracing the SDGs and Development Innovation

We’re working to bake development innovation and SDG support right into the platform. We also sometimes use, and welcome others to use, other development priority frameworks, and are particularly interested in exploring ways to address root causes of the challenges we face, including issues around culture, inequality, education, governance (and public sector effectiveness more broadly), and civic engagement. From our perspective, most of the SDGs already have known solutions, and we could fairly easily find solutions for the others. So the deeper question is why are we not implementing them.

Deep Experience

We have substantial experience implementing highly successful programs with donor and public sector partners such as the UN (UN FAO, UNICEF, UNHCR, UN-GFMD (Global Forum on Migration and Development), UN innovation programs, and more); governments and embassies (EU, Lebanon, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, US); and international organizations (World Bank, OECD, Mercy Corps, etc).

We also have substantial experience with successful programs and partnerships with universities; community organizations, and leading national, regional, and global innovation leaders (Techstars, GAN - the Global Accelerator Network, Google, Cisco, Creative Commons, and others).

Tech for Positive Social Change

Technology is value neutral, and can lead to destabilizing lives, increasing inequality, and harming the environment, but it can also be a massively powerful force for improving lives, reducing inequality, and improving our environment. Let’s make sure we use it effectively for positive change, and we work to mitigate the negative impacts on people, communities, countries, and our natural environment.

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Built on Excellence

Our team has worked at, studied at, and partnered with many global innovation leaders, such as:



Thank you Pitchworthy team, My project went a long way. At the beginning, it was an abstract idea. Now it’s very grounded in the user’s needs and problems, and it is very tangible now.
— Startup Scouts entrepreneur
This program has been a big help for me. Something I never told anyone about is my fear of public speaking [...] I gave feedback and helped a lot of people, and a lot helped me too, and this is amazing, the community is very friendly and helpful. I never thought I could improve that much from an online program.
— Early-stage startup
I didn’t just progress 1% everyday, I probably progressed like 50% everyday. I got better myself as a person in different aspects. My business model also changed a lot to the better.
— First-time founder