Startup Portfolio

We’ve worked with over 320 early-stage (many of them idea-stage) teams over the the last 6 years, and around 30 in our virtual programs, which we’re focusing on expanding now.

Through our various programs over the last 6 years (including with the Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL), AM Bank, UNICEF, UK FCO, Alfa Telecommunications, and various universities).

Our teams have raised over $3.5m of next stage finance, won local/regional/global competitions, and many have become solid growing companies.

Over the last 6 years, our programs had approximately 35% participation of women, which was higher than the regional and global average, but still not sufficient. Our virtual pilots on Pitchworthy have over 50% participation of women, with many saying they could only have contributed due to some unique approaches of our programs.

AnachronTech   (fintech)

AnachronTech (fintech)

OhMyCat     (e-commerce for cat lovers)

OhMyCat (e-commerce for cat lovers)

Dr.Leda     (mobile mental health)

Dr.Leda (mobile mental health)

Fazlaket   (online design marketplace)

Fazlaket (online design marketplace)

KoullounaBox     (subscription box)

KoullounaBox (subscription box)

MuchRoom     (interior design)

MuchRoom (interior design)

SoffaParking   (mobile parking solution)

SoffaParking (mobile parking solution)

La3andak     (Grocery delivery)

La3andak (Grocery delivery)

WonderEd     (education activities provider)

WonderEd (education activities provider)



Through our affiliated in-person programs (AltCity, Bootcamp (BDL+AM Bank), Elevate Impact Accelerator (UNICEF), and UK/FCO impact accelerator), we reached over 320 early-stage teams across EuroMENA in the last 6 years. A small sample of them include :

Spike Diabetes App     (mobile health)

Spike Diabetes App (mobile health)

Creative Space Beirut     (fashion school)

Creative Space Beirut (fashion school)

FabricAid     (second-hand clothing market)

FabricAid (second-hand clothing market)

Freekeh Bites     (organic snacks)

Freekeh Bites (organic snacks)

Second Street     (online fashion store)

Second Street (online fashion store)

Jaleesa   (Trusted babysitters)

Jaleesa (Trusted babysitters)

KwikSense   (IOT sensors)

KwikSense (IOT sensors)

BildIts     (educational construction toys)

BildIts (educational construction toys)

VaxyNations    /    FB     (mobile health)

VaxyNations / FB (mobile health)

Jellyfish    (fintech)

Jellyfish (fintech)