The Pitchworthy team has been testing and refining program approaches for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, innovation, and project-based learning for over a decade, with a background in experiential education that goes back decades longer. Our methods have been tested and validated at a world-class level, and the results show, with many of our teams hitting strong enterprise growth KPIs, collectively raising millions of dollars in next stage finance, and winning leading competitions worldwide, often winning against teams that are better funded, more experienced, and from stronger ecosystems.

We help startup teams, our partners, and ecosystems leap frog ahead.

Pitchworthy’s Standard Program Stages

(Programs don’t need to include all stages, and there is substantial flexibility in adapting for the needs of different programs, partners, and priorities.)



Clarify priorities, sector focus area, target geography and participant profile, for each Program and Cycle.


2 months (suggested), with workshops and discussions (mostly online; could include offline as well) with our world-class trainers and global experts; team formation and ideation support; etc.

⚑ ENDS WITH: Selection of Sprint teams.


1 week (suggested; could be shorter/longer) online, hybrid, or offline intense sprint with daily activities, workshops, mentoring, and guided startup development. See our #StartupSprints programs as an example!

⚑ ENDS WITH: Demo Day (virtual or in-person) and (optional) judging/ selection for next stage Accelerator.

➡ OUTPUT: High quality data-backed learning experience (learners); readiness for Accelerator (startups).


3 months intense training, project development, and mentoring (mostly online; could include offline as well).

⚑ ENDS WITH: Demo Day (virtual or in-person) to celebrate + connect teams with ecosystem partners, investors, etc.

➡ OUTPUT: Validated business model, basic prototype, early sales.


Light project support, access to network opportunities (mostly online; could include offline as well).

⚑ ENDS WITH: Optional Demo Day (virtual or in-person); May be combined with launch / selection of next cycle.

➡ OUTPUT: Improved prototype + business model; early sales; improved readiness for next-stage accelerator or investment.


Data collection, final report prep, closing meetings, project reflection.

Outreach & Sprint Accelerator Mentoring Normal Accelerator
Stage Program Duration 2 months 3 months 4 months 3 months
Stage Program Duration 3 months 4 months 5 months Varies
Program management & facilitation by expert trained entrepreneurship professionals Unknown
No software to install — fast program creation n/a
Application process integration & oversight n/a
Strengths assessment & action-oriented report for startups (using PW's MDAQ) Light Light No
Customized Activity Program for the cohort and each team, based on MDAQ results Light Light No
Custom private collaborative workspace on the Pitchworthy Community platform No
Workshops with global experts on startup development areas personalized for teams. (More frequent and intense with Pitchworthy, without need for expensive/limited travel.) Light Sometimes / light
Your own Program Dashboard for real-time updates on program+team progress. No
Pitchworthy Premium Tier for all teams during program, free tier after program for life. 3 months 6 months 12 months No
Basic impact metrics: Capturing/reporting quantifiable metrics on startup engagement and growth during program, and 3 months post-program Light Light No
Mentorship matchmaking and regular/ongoing facilitation with top experts from around the world without having to pay travel/accommodations ✔✔ ✔✔✔ No
Monthly milestones review with each startup/team - Sometimes
Startup matchmaking and event preparation for relevant external events - light Sometimes
4 months of additional mentorship facilitation/support post-Accelerator - - Sometimes
GUARANTEED RESULTS above the global average No
Enhanced impact metrics, for 6-12 months (or longer) post-program No
Custom program design Sometimes