Have an idea, but not sure where to go next?

Or have a startup that you want to push to the next level?

#StartupSprints can help you.

Pitchworthy’s #StartupSprints:

→ARE Designed to help you:

  1. Make progress on your startup,

  2. Get feedback from peers and expert mentors and trainers,

  3. Get connected to a beautiful community of entrepreneurs and changemakers.

→ can be:

  1. Fully online/virtual; or

  2. Primarily offline, leveraging online tools; or

  3. Hybrid online+offline.


  • We know from experience (and globally validated research) that people learn best when they’re inspired, and in a safe environment that allows them to be open, creative, and explore new ideas. That’s the environment we work to create in our programs.

  • Sprints are optimized for each cycle, partner, and startup. Using the powerful Pitchworthy platform and methodology, we balance shared learning experiences with teams in a cohort, with customized learning journeys for each startup and person.

  • Check out Pitchworthy’s research-backed training methods to learn more.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

If you want to go fast and far, go with Pitchworthy.
— Proverb

What previous participants have said:

Thank you Pitchworthy team, My project went a long way. At the beginning, it was an abstract idea. Now it’s very grounded in the user’s needs and problems, and it is very tangible now.
— Youth entrepreneur
I didn’t just progress 1% everyday, I probably progressed like 50% everyday. I got better myself as a person in different aspects. My business model also changed a lot to the better.
— First-time founder
I don’t know about you people but I already feel like I belong. A few calls and webinars away I started making friends and chatting with people and it was super nice!
— Virtual program youth participant.

Join Pitchworthy’s “virtually in-person” experience.

work face-to-face with world-class mentors and trainers, and collaborate with other young people.

It’s as if WE’re all in the Same room, only better.

I’ve never had so much fun learning and working on a startup!
— Virtual youth participant

The Standard #StartupSprint Agenda:

(Sprints range from 7-12 days.)

  • Pre-Program: In the day(s) before the sprint begins, it’s helpful to reflect on your own to make sure you have clarity around what you want to work on during the sprint. Please also fill out the assessment form and submit your pitchdeck and pitch video. All these are designed to help us optimize your sprint experience for you.

  • DAY 1: Meet and greet your fellow SPRINTERS through fun online/video-conference discussions and activities; get familiar with the sprint format and tools; practice your pitch; take part in workshops (adapted for each sprint, and optimized for the teams); set a sprint work-plan.

  • DAY 2: Get feedback on your project from mentors and peers; join additional workshops and discussions on key startup topics.

  • WORK PERIOD (1-5 days long): Sprint work continues! 🚀Join daily check-in sessions (scheduled, or any time through the platform); get additional feedback on your project from mentors, trainers, and other sprint participants.

  • 2 DAYS LEFT: Last pitch practice session, and get ready to share your pitch video with the wider world! (Note: Teams can choose if they want their pitch video shared publicly or not.)

  • 1 DAY LEFT: All teams submit their final pitch videos and prepare for the Pitch Showcase.

  • FINAL DAY: Pitch Showcase! All the teams, mentors, and trainers, plus sometimes special guests, join to give feedback and scoring to help teams continue the journey of improvement and growth.

  • WRAP-UP DAY: Wrap-up; feedback; and set work-plan for next steps.

All teams that successfully complete the sprint and do the pre- and post-assessments get a customized certificate of participation.

Community Partners

Yalla join the fun!

ACA Kuwait

ACA Kuwait

Tunisian Association of Youth Clubs

Tunisian Association of Youth Clubs

The Station - Baghdad

The Station - Baghdad

#StartupSprint Trainers and Mentors:

The training and mentor team will vary by program.

Do you have entrepreneurship or sector experience, and enjoy helping others?
Sign up here to join as a Pitchworthy trainer or mentor!


tara Nehme

Six years of experience buid and empowering entrepreneurs, especially those focused on social impact.


David Munir Nabti

Over 2 decades of experience in entrepreneurship & education; helped mobilize over $6m in funding for startups & startup programs.


Caroline Isaac Hamdan

Caroline is a Confideo Startup and MIT mentor, a consultant at UK Lebanon Tech Hub and has 30 years experience at IBM UK Ltd.


Bilal Ghalib

Trainer with 15 years experience in entrepreneurship development, building makerspace communities, and robotics.


Anthony Nghayoui

Digital media and marketing professional since 2015. Expert in digital strategy, influencer marketing, performance, analytics, and project management.


Constantin Salameh

A senior international executive with strategic & business planning, investment management, and leadership development competencies.


This program has been a big help for me. Something I never told anyone about is my fear of public speaking [...] I gave feedback and helped a lot of people, and a lot helped me too, and this is amazing, the community is very friendly and helpful. I never thought I could improve that much from an online program.
— Early-stage startup
Every time I participate in programs I waste 4 hours in transportation, and this one was so organized! I also learned how I can run a program online, and I made progress in organizing my ideas and shaping the presentation, and have new friends!
— Virtual program youth participant.