Pitchworthy & STEP-Saudi 2019 Startups

We’re excited to partner with the STEP-Saudi Conference 2019 team to offer a free “STEP+Pitchworthy Startup Prep Workshop” to all startups in the STEP Startup track. This rapid-fire program will help you refine your pitch (no matter who you’re pitching to) and otherwise help you prepare to make the most out of the STEP 2019 experience.

The online workshop will be March 24, and then we hope to see you at STEP-Saudi on March 25! We’ll hold a follow-up session after STEP-Saudi to help you keep building momentum after the conference.

See the program details lower on this page.


The STEP+Pitchworthy Startup Prep Program

Pre-Conference Workshop:
March 24, 2019

Practice your pitch, regardless of who you’re pitching to

Whether you’re pitching on stage, or pitching to customers, people you want to hire, etc, the first minute is the most important. How do you intro your effort, and what you’re looking for, in 60 seconds or less?

Additionally, we’ll do a review of conference essentials for startups.

What’s more important? Business cards or t-shirts? A good pitch or those last cleaned up features on your website or product? We’ll give you a checklist of some ideas … and then it’s up to you to prioritize the things you want to work on in the last days and hours before STEP begins.

1-2:30pm (Riyadh time): Pitch practice session (videoconference; call details shared with those who sign up)

Let’s make the most of it!

And remember, quality is more important than quantity. Coming away from a conference like STEP with a handful of high quality experiences, lessons, or contacts is better than a truckload of connections that won’t help you in the long run.

And let’s try to connect at STEP! Come find us at the Startup Sessions, or look around for someone wearing a Pitchworthy shirt!

March 25, 2019

It’s go time!

Let’s keep the momentum building post-STEP!

Follow-up is the most important, and the most difficult, part of any such conference experience. How can you maximize the value of the experience for your personal and professional growth, and for your startup or enterprise?

Critical elements for all startups, and all teams and projects, relate to clarity, accountability, mobilizing mentors and advisors, and making team-members are aligned and working efficiently to get the most important stuff done.

We’ll connect post-STEP to see how your experience went, and to help you set clear team milestones, clear goals, and work together to maximize chances of success.

Post-STEP Action Steps!

Let’s keep the momentum going.

(Quick notes: The training is a mix of asynchronous discussions and support through the Pitchworthy platform, plus live webinar discussions and feedback sessions. A team can benefit even if they join late, or can’t join the live webinars. Also note, this program is *bonus* for all STEP Startups. Participation in this program does not guarantee or impact your status in the STEP Pitch Competition.)