Pitchworthy Use Cases

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How can Pitchworthy help you?

For more information or if you want to discuss your project or particular case with us, please use the form at the bottom or contact us at: partners (at) pitchworthy.co

We help accelerators and SME training programs move even faster.

Running an accelerator is difficult, especially in places where the innovation ecosystem is still developing and emerging. Been there, done that. We’ve also met with accelerator programs around the world, from all continents. We’ve been part of the EBN (European Business Network), GAN (Global Accelerator Network), GEC (Global Entrepreneurship Congress), and spent time with people from Techstars, Y-Combinator, Google Launchpad, 500 Startups, and dozens of other accelerators and training programs around the world.

We’ve learned a huge amount from all those programs, and built Pitchworthy to help accelerators around the world be more effective in helping their teams, focus on their critical needs, and mobilize resources and mentors from around the world.

And yes, we think running an accelerator should also be fun, for the teams and the program managers.

If you have any questions about running your accelerator program, or how Pitchworthy can help, drop us a line.

Pitchworthy helps schools and universities prepare people for the future that’s already here.

We’re firm believers in the power of education to help people prepare for lifelong success. Building on substantial research and experience, we built Pitchworthy to support applied experiential learning to help learners of all ages learn the hard and soft skills critical for entrepreneurship, employment, and active citizenship.

We leverage frameworks such as STEAM, 21st Century Skills, LSCE (Life Skills and Citizenship Education), and others to deliver an experience that is beneficial to both students and teachers alike.

Pitchworthy powers strong applied and experiential learning experiences that help people learn more, and have more fun. At the same time, we help teachers leverage global best practices, and monitor progress of teams.

Help bridge the academic-industry divide by helping research teams leverage best practices from the startup world.

International development agencies, governments, and NGOs can benefit massively from building a culture and programs to support tech and innovation.

We’ve been working with UN agencies, governments, and NGOs for over a decade, and we largely built Pitchworthy with them in mind, to help them leverage the power of entrepreneurs and innovators, both inside their organizations and outside them.

We’ve worked with the likes of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, UNICEF, the UN Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), the World Bank, and various government agencies. Let us know how you want innovation to help your organization thrive.

Innovation and technology are here to stay. Many companies are not.

Companies that successfully build their team strengths in creativity, collaboration, innovation, and tech will have much more success as emerging technologies expand around the world, and as new technologies take root.

Pitchworthy can help your organization build best practices in innovation and intrapreneurship so that you’re involved in building the future, not watching it race by.

Make your competition even more powerful … for the participants, and for your organization.

Leverage Pitchworthy to drive engagement and participation in your innovation or startup competition, and make it easier to monitor and manage the teams and groups that are part of your program.

Whether you’re running a competition for your conference, company, NGO, or otherwise, we can help you maximize the value of that effort, and the impact that you can have on the people participating in your program.

With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can see the progress of all the people going through your program, and make sure that teams are getting the kind of support they need to be as successful as possible.