Intro Videos

A few intro videos to start you on your way! We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and like the videos to stay updated on new videos, new features, and new programs and opportunities.


Basic Intro for Teams.

Learn how Pitchworthy can help your startup, organization, or project team move smarter and faster towards achieving your objectives.

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See also: Team Plans & Signup, or the PW for Team Overview

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Basic Intro for Accelerators and Programs

Learn how Pitchworthy can help you run larger, more effective, and more inclusive programs, that are also substantially lower cost per startup than traditional startup or entrepreneurship education programs.

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See also: Program Plans & Signup, or the PW for Programs Overview

Startup Best Practices on Pitchworthy - Milestones, Goals, and Tasks

Startups need to move smart, fast, and efficiently to maximize their chances for success. Making sure that everyone on your team is aligned around milestones, goals, and tasks can be a huge strength in that effort, and Pitchworthy can help.

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