Teams, Programs, Mentors, and Trainers

Which are you?


These could be startups, growing enterprises, project teams at your company or organization, or civic initiatives. Basically … if you’re trying to do a project, and do it better, Pitchworthy can help.

Teams can be on their own, or part of a Program. They can join or leave programs any time, and the team always owns and controls their board on Pitchworthy.


Programs on Pitchworthy work to support Teams, and all Programs exist inside of Organizations.

The Pitchworthy platform is incredibly flexible to adapt to your program, desired outcomes, curriculum, or methodology. The Pitchworthy team is also here to help. We can provide:

  1. The SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform only

  2. Training of trainers

  3. Co-training

  4. Pitchworthy-led training programs

  5. Fully managed end-to-end program management


Mentorship is incredibly powerful for organizations of all stages, and all sizes, but it isn’t easy to get right. Pitchworthy has been specifically built with mentorship in mind, and to help improve the quality of the experience for both teams and mentors.

Mentors should be highly qualified people in the sector or startup field that they want to provide support in, and should be enthusiastically able to volunteer with a team (or teams) for at least 2 hours per month, in-person or (more likely) virtually.


World-class programs are led by world-class trainers. If you love running entrepreneurship, SME, or organizational development programs, you can have a huge impact on dozens, or hundreds, of startups. We work with trainers to continually improve their approaches and explore ways to leverage the Pitchworthy platform to maximize their impact.

We have run training of trainer programs, and direct program management for programs of all sizes, for organizations, competitions, universities, governments, and companies.