Pitchworthy’s video intro/pitch for the WISE Accelerator:

What Pitchworthy participants have said:

Thank you Pitchworthy team, my project went a long way. At the beginning, it was an abstract idea. Now it’s very grounded in the user’s needs and problems, and it is very tangible now.
— Youth entrepreneur
I didn’t just progress 1% every day, I probably progressed like 50% every day. I got better myself as a person in different aspects. My business model also changed a lot to the better.
— First-time founder
I don’t know about you people but I already feel like I belong. A few calls and webinars away I started making friends and chatting with people and it was super nice!
— Virtual program youth participant.
This program has been a big help for me. Something I never told anyone about is my fear of public speaking [...] I gave feedback and helped a lot of people, and a lot helped me too, and this is amazing, the community is very friendly and helpful. I never thought I could improve that much from an online program.
— Early-stage startup
I’ve never had so much fun learning and working on a startup!
— Virtual youth participant
Every time I participate in programs I waste 4 hours in transportation, and this one was so organized! I also learned how I can run a program online, and I made progress in organizing my ideas and shaping the presentation, and have new friends!
— Virtual program youth participant.